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Founded in 2013, Michigan Islamic Institute is a non-profit full-time school located in Warren, Michigan. We offer two separate Islamic curriculum, alongside in-classroom secular learning from Grades 5 through 12. Students at Michigan Islamic Institute are a blend of individuals who come from across the United States to take part of the sacred learning process of the Islamic religion while attaining a quality secular education.

Michigan Islamic Institute is a school that provides boarding and day students with two separate Islamic programs; Aalim and Hifdh. The programs are tailored to provide the students the teachings and skills of the religion, as well as the ability to pass on the knowledge to others. Our institute is a year-round school that stresses the importance of Islamic etiquette and traditional Prophetic teachings through discipline and coaching. At our institute, students experience an Islamic environment that is centered around Allah ﷻ and where Prophetic teachings are modeled by teachers, staff, and other students. 


Students from

across Michigan.

200 Full-time students

43 Teachers and

full-time staff


Our educational programs began because we recognized the needs of our communities. To serve the various layers of our society, the foundation of Michigan Islamic Institute was laid in 2012 to educate our male students. Several years later, we were blessed with the resources to open a sisters branch of Michigan Islamic Institute for our girls in the community. The new branch, "Muneer Academy" opened in 2018 solely for the opportunity for female students to benefit from studying Islamic studies with academics.

Thereafter, we found numerous adults who desired to learn the sacred Islamic sciences, in an scholarly and structured method. Thus, Miftaah Institute was established in 2016 to preserve and implement the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to our young and/or working adults with limited availability, without compromising the transmission of the rich Islamic teachings.

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