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Our goal is to maintain criteria for dress and grooming that fosters pride in self and respect for school and Islamic standards. Students are expected to dress and present themselves in a clean neat manner, where clothes that fit well and are in good repair, modest in style, and appropriate for the school and learning environment. Hair, beard, and nails must be groomed, clean, and presentable at all times. 

Michigan Islamic Institute requires school uniforms for all enrolled students. Uniforms are worn throughout the day for Islamic and Academic classes. Students must be in the correct uniform to attend all classes. In case of violation of this policy, the parent/guardian will be called and expected to send/purchase correct uniform deficiencies before the student may return to class.

Shalwar Kameez uniforms are available for purchase at Michigan Islamic Institute's Main Office or by clicking the link below. Each shalwar kameez is $60.00 and each student is required to obtain at least 2 pieces.  

Product Details:

  • Blended luxury fabric

  • French collar

Please purchase one item at a time.

Uniform Policy
Purchase School Uniform
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