Admission Process Steps


Choosing the best school - one that reflects your family's values - is a significant decision for parents and students. The admissions experience at Michigan Islamic Institute is a thoughtful, comprehensive process that honors the seriousness of such a choice for both the school and the applicant family. Parents seeking admission to Michigan Islamic Institute are encouraged to contact the school well in advance of the desired admission term. 


The admissions process begins with our online application, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We practice "rolling admission," where applications are saved until our next admission interview season, so you may apply to Michigan Islamic Institute at any time. However, you will be contacted when the admission process opens, usually during the summer months. If you are applying for a specific term, please adhere to the application submission dates outline here. 


Submit Admission Documents

Once the online application form is received, additional documentation can be submitted. For a complete list of required documents and admission forms, please click here. During this time, admissions may request original transcripts or other official documentation. Once all documents are read, completed, and signed, the application will be sent to the Admissions Committee. 

Please Note:

Student's application will not be reviewed by the admission

committee without the submission of all the required documents.


Complete Interview with Admission Committee

Once Michigan Islamic Institute receives your application, we will contact you regarding a scheduled interview. Applicants and guardians must both be present at the interview. Set interview dates are provided for parents to schedule for every admission season. A tour and overview of Michigan Islamic Institute building and programs will be provided. The interview process also consists of the Admission Committee asking the applicant a series of questions about the applicant's history, goals, and interest. 


Receive Admission Decision

At the end of the admission term, Michigan Islamic Institute will mail all admission decisions to applicants. Admission criteria consist of a student's age, grade, interest, educational history, location, and character. We work very hard to ensure a fair and consistent review for all students who apply for admission. Our review method is a comprehensive application process, meaning we consider many factors when evaluating each student’s application. Therefore, a great amount of care and attention is given to every student who applies to our institute. Here is an outline of the possible admission decisions for each student. 

The Admission Committee of Michigan Islamic Institute reserves the right to accept or deny the admission of any student. The Committee or any of Michigan Islamic Institute staff members are not responsible to explain its decision.