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Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all individuals to study the sacred sciences, regardless of age, gender, location and availability. People have this zeal to pursue sacred knowledge, however accommodations, accessibility, and responsibilities make it difficult to access or complete the programs. Thus, we realized that we needed to provide the resources to access religious studies to the various layers of our society. The purpose is to preserve the upcoming generations in America by educating them in Islamic and/or secular education with true scholarship. An educational foundation, in Islamic studies, for all members of our society is the first step to the preservation of the religion. Once a basis of true knowledge is established, the message of Islam can be passed on to others in a secure and effective manner.


The objective is to develop the means to transmit and practice the Islamic principles set by the Quran and Sunnah to others. The sacred sciences of knowledge, provided from the Quran and Sunnah, are used as the central authority and guidance to Muslims. In addition, they are the primary sources of studies in our educational programs. By the guidance of educated scholars, the values of Islam may be passed on from teacher to student, to continue the learning cycle.


Our goal is to provide our students with a quality educational foundation based on traditional Islamic teachings and academics. 


We strive to provide all the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience for our students to be able to understand and teach Islam. 


We aim to make  well-rounded, educated, and spiritual leaders who can have a positive influence on their communities.

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