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Over the last several years, Michigan Islamic Institute has experienced exceptional growth and achievements by the blessings of Allah ﷻ. On a weekly basis, our campus offers six exclusive programs of study with 200 full-time and more than 400 part-time students. The campus includes over 45 classrooms dedicated to establishing a learning environment that is catered to the academic and interactive needs of the students, this include separate on-campus wings for academic and Islamic classrooms.

Our campus incorporates all the necessary facilities and resources required to promote student achievement and growth. We have over 43 dedicated teachers and staff members that work together to provide our students with a quality Islamic and secular education. Oncampus after-school activities available to students include a full-court gymnasium and fitness center. The campus also caters to the Muslim needs with a 4,000 sq ft Masjid open for the community for congregational prayers everyday.


Michigan Islamic Institute classrooms establish a learning environment that is catered to our academic and interactive needs of our students. Our campus has over 45 classrooms in a 100,000 square foot building.


Michigan Islamic Institute  has two full athletics facilities on campus. A two court gym and sporting goods are available to the students throughout the day. As well as a fitness gym with weights, strength, and endurance equipment.


Our campus incorporates all necessary facilities and resources need to promote student achievement and growth. The Michigan Islamic Institute campus includes an auditorium with stage and full-service cafeteria.


Students are encouraged to pray in the congregation in the Michigan Islamic Institute Masjid. Our Masjid is open to all students and surrounding community.

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