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Michigan Islamic Institute is a community of faith and learning, where students grow together in mind, body, and spirit. We are dedicated to providing the best Islamic and academic educational programs available, regardless of one's affordability of tuition and location. Our teachers serve as role models who strive to provide a congenial learning environment that motivates students to take responsibility for their actions and education. 


Traditionally, studying advanced Islamic sciences meant spending many years traveling and living abroad in a different country and cultural setting, making it difficult for many young and motivated seekers of knowledge from North America to access authentic sources of Islamic schools. The primary goal of Michigan Islamic Institute is to provide the opportunity for all ambitious individuals to learn and live by the guidelines of Islam. Michigan Islamic Institute strives to maintain and promote righteous moral values and ethics. It is our priority to make sure that students achieve their goals and become role models for others. 

Learn more about what sets us apart - what we call the MII Difference. 


Certified Teachers

Full-Capacity Campus

Character Development

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