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Michigan Islamic Institute has multiple programs that consist of religious and academic education tailored for students. Our curriculum will enhance the student's abilities to comprehend and apply a vast array of fields in Islam and academic studies, helping them develop to their fullest potential. Michigan Islamic Institute faculty of Islamic education offers three main programs, including a part-time program for younger kids.


  1. Full time Hifdh-ul-Quran (Memorization of the Holy Qur’an)

  2. Full time Aalim course (Extensive Islamic Studies) 

  3. Academics for Grades 5 - 12

  4. Ilm Essentials for boys and girls

Our programs are offered throughout the week, allowing access for religious and academic knowledge whenever its best suited for our students and community. Our programs establish a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge and beliefs. As the student grows and adjusts to the rigor of studying and learning, we offer them more advanced studies and courses.

Students attending Michigan Islamic Institute have the luxury to receive a balanced set of pathways of guidance through the various courses they complete. Our institute offers three distinct programs for our students for developing and strengthening their Islamic and academic foundations. The curriculum's aim is to enhance the student's abilities to comprehend an array of fields in Islamic and academic studies, making it possible for them to expand to their fullest potential after they graduate.






Grades 5 - 12



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